Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

A rhetorical analysis essay explores various renowned literature forms, such as films and art. Among other essays, rhetorical essays are challenging but can only be more straightforward when the student understands them correctly. Some of the requirements a student will need to explore thoroughly are the evaluation of the essay’s primary purpose and the final delivery to the designated audience or readers. Writing such kinds of essays aims to establish the effectiveness of the message portrayed in the original texts.  

The initial phase in the process of writing any essay is determining the topic to work on. For rhetorical analysis essays, the case is no different. However, simple this may sound; it is essential to understand that establishing the best rhetorical essay topic is daunting. But this should not give you worries either. Even though professionals can also find a hard time identifying such topics, it is critical to take an extra step and determine some of the best topics revolving around rhetorical analysis essays. Here are some of them:

The best rhetorical analysis essay topics

  • Exploring the writings of Jane Austen in “Pride and Prejudice.”  
  • Examining the roles of Michael Punke in “The Revenant.”
  • Exploring “Witches’ Loaves” by Henry    
  • Understanding significant themes in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”
  • Understanding the writings of Ibsen in “An Enemy of the People.”

Rhetorical analysis essay topics students at the college level 

  • Understanding the works of art in Sophocle’s “Antigone.”
  • Understanding Nathaniel’s “The Birthmark” work or art
  • Arthurs’ “The Crucible” piece of art
  • Understanding James Joyce’s “Dubliners” work of art
  • Understanding Steinbeck’s literature in the “East of Eden.”  
  • Exploring Toni Morrison’s works of literature in the “Song of Solomon.”
  • Analysis of the poems of Poe in “The Raven.”
  • William Shakespeare’s best poem
  • The last speech of Martin Luther King

Non-fictional topics for Rhetorical analysis essays 

  • Clifford’s work of literature in “The Ethics of Belief.”
  • Lamott’s literature in “Traveling Mercies.”
  • H. Bender’s work in “A nation among nations.”  
  • Michael Marmot’s ideas in “The Status Syndrome.”

Other topics include:

  • Analyzing Romeo and Juliet rhetorically
  • Understanding the industry of movies
  • Analyzing “Man of Steel” rhetorically
  • Analyzing “Macbeth” rhetorically.
  • Understanding the movie: “Insider.”
  • An extensive analysis of the movie “I saw.”  


To achieve the best in essay questions, most students focus on researching tricks and tips for crafting the best pieces. However, identifying the best topic requires that you explore the necessary steps. Some of the measures include the definition of the topic you choose for the rhetorical analysis essay. Going for the purpose enables you to understand what you are exactly going to work on.

Secondly, identify a unique structure of the content you want to write. You can achieve that by preparing a draft. After that, stick to using more straightforward and understandable sentences. Also, narrow down on standard technologies and gather enough information on the topic you are working on. You can collect information through  different ways. Right from seeking advice from the previous students who have partaken the same field to researching online platforms, you will understand a proper way of coming up with an essay that can capture your designated readers.


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