Tips on Writing a Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays mostly confine written ideas to a description of given core topics or subjects. The definition of these ideas is made in a detailed manner to depict some form of sensory observation. Usually, most descriptive essays are used for giving a clear impression of a given area of the target, for instance, an incident or person. It is through these essays that writers can transform human senses into what the subject matter touches on.

How to write a descriptive essay

Every essay writer is tasked with incorporating a certain feeling in the writing piece to ensure that the readers set their minds on reading. But to glue readers on what a descriptive essay has to provide requires that you adhere to specific tips. If you happen to write a descriptive essay that touches your readers emotionally, then you can consider having nailed it. That is the primary goal of every writer. However, it is also a good idea to incorporate some form of understanding so that personal feelings and emotions about the written descriptive essay go hand in hand with a proper version of the niche or story being covered.   

Most importantly, hard work is a crucial goal of coming up with the best essay. Therefore, if you have a descriptive essay to undertake, the following steps are vital:

  1. The prewriting phase

Before hurriedly going into descriptive essay writing, consider taking a thorough analysis and research at the prewriting phase. At this phase, most people determine and establish how the outcome of the essay will impact the reader. If you are new to writing such kinds of essays, it is essential to decide on a topic that will give you ample time researching and writing. It is, in fact, necessary, as it is the determinant of your essay’s success. At this stage, you can brainstorm some ideas critical for the essays and make possible suggestions before writing the real essay.  

  1. The drafting stage 

It is also another critical stage of writing a descriptive essay. Creating an initial draft of the main descriptive essay will allow you to understand and internalize the content you intend to write. The primary idea is to provide readers with a unique and rich experience while reading. Therefore, while undertaking this stage, always ensure to put everything into place. In this stage, you must understand the need to describe things instead of focusing on a mere fact.

  1. Making necessary adjustments 

After completing the drafting stage, it will be useful to do several revisions and review your work before reassembling content. All these should be done to ensure that everything takes the best shape. In the modification of your descriptive essay, you have to keep several factors in mind. Some of the factors include evaluating the narrative’s position in unfolding the essay in a tangible way. Check for some confusion between the paragraphs and make quick adjustments. Also, cross-check the word choice and use of figurative language to ensure grammatical errors in the descriptive essay are appropriately handled. Go to a different extent of determining the image the descriptive essay creates to the readers.  


Always keep in mind that the impact of the descriptive essay on the reader matters a lot. Therefore, ensure to craft content following the above steps to clue the reader into what you describe. 


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