The framework for compare and contrast essay

The first point that should be settled is a clear understanding of the topic. In this essay type; it is required that you take two subjects and bring out the similarities and the differences that existed between the two topics.

It is strongly advised that you have a framework that will serve as the guide to be followed before you put down your first word. The tone used in your introduction should reflect throughout the body of the article. You have to know what it takes to write a compare and contrast essay if you want to engage your readers from the first word to the last word.

There are four major aspects required. We are going to explain each in detail. Here we go:

The word count

You need to start with the organization of the essay into paragraphs. The first action to be taken is to decide on the word count. The word count will determine how many chapters you are going to divide your work into.

If the word count is just 500 words for instance; then the number of paragraphs should not exceed more than two after the introduction. Getting organized is the starting point in the write-up of your essay.

The Introduction

You are expected to start very strong here. This is where you can gain the attention and confidence of your readers. If you can start strong; you are going to get the loyalty of your readers to the last word. You can begin with a question on one of the subjects whose answer you are going to leave until the latter part of the essay.

An introduction should describe what the compare and contrast essay is all about. Avoid the use of the first-person singular in your introduction. The general outline of the essay should be introduced in the introduction.

The Body

For the greatest impact, it is advised that you write down every bit of info that you have on the two subjects. You are expected to list the two because there should be a balance of information on facts relating to each of the subjects. What do you know about the two subjects that will form the basis of your writing? 

What are the weak areas that needed to be researched? You have to get your acts together by searching for uncommon info between the two subjects. You need to include some facts that will wow the readers and make them continue reading to the last word.


Just like the introduction where you began powerfully, the conclusion should tie up all the loose ends and come out powerfully. A summary of what you said right from the introduction should be included here framed in a different language. Warning: you are not expected to repeat what you have written earlier verbatim.

Final thoughts

When you are armed with the framework of your compare and contrast essay, it should be pretty easy for you to get the flow that will produce a result that will produce expected results.

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