Tips For Creating An Outline For A Compare And Contrast Essay

The best way to create an outline for a compare and contrast essay is first to get all of the information on the topic that you have chosen. If you have all of the information before you start your outline, the less work you have to do before you start to compose the essay. You will learn exactly how to compose your outline from beginning to end below.

How to Create a Compare and Contrast Outline

  • The introduction is a very important part of your outline. This part of your outline will have four lines all to each other with the following information, the first line is your thesis statement, the second line is your first point, the third line is your second point, and the last line will be your third point.
  • The next part is the body of the paper; each part of the outline in this part is three lines each. You will have three points that you are going to cover. And there is a subject A and B to each point. So you would write on the first line Subject A and point 1, then supporting information on the next line and then example on the third line. And then do it again with subject B. There will be three subjects A’s and B’s that will have three points that you are covering to support your topic.
  • The last part of your outline will be your conclusion, which only has two lines. One that will summarize all of the main points in your paper and then the reinstatement of your thesis statement.

This is the general way that you can create an outline for your compare and contrast essay. You can add or subtract the lines that are in the outline to fit the information that you are going to cover in your own paper. This is the easiest outline that you can use for your paper, but there are thousands of different ones that you can use. It is all up to you on which one your use and you want to use one that lets you display the information the way you want and shows you exactly how your will write you paper. The outline is a guide to help you write your paper and if you do it properly, write the paper will be super easy. If you’re confident at writing consider checking out

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