Tips on how to write an expository essay

When you are given the task of writing an expository essay, you have to prepare your mind because it will involve a lot of work on your part. Students are expected to describe some situation or explain how a process works. 

It is expected that you have an idea of certain things on the subject matter which will form the basis of your explanation to your audience. It is expected of students to do a great pre-writing job in order to get the target topic that the readers will take a special interest in reading.

There are several topics online; the target topic should be one that you are interested in and you must have a commanding presence in the topic. When you have settled the crucial issue of the topic; the next step is to go into the process of putting down the ideas in a format that will earn you the marks and send the message to your audience.

Your outline

The starting point is your outline for the essay. There is a standard requirement that should be followed if you wanted to earn your marks. No matter how loaded your essay is; if the standard format is not followed, you will not get the marks that will fetch you the highest grades.


You have to begin with a strong thesis statement here. This is where you are expected to impress your Instructor and at the same time get the attention of your readers. When you provide an interesting dilemma and let the reader be informed on how you intend to solve the problem. An effective explanatory thesis statement is required here. Present your facts, and explain what you intend to achieve with the essay. 

The body of the essay

The body of the essay should be about five paragraphs. Each of the paragraphs should contain a point and the points should be clearly explained. Supporting each of your claims with facts and figures from credible sources will give legit to each paragraph. This is one of the best ways to show the stuff that your essay is made of.

Your facts should not be taken from social media because of the credibility question that hangs on the majority of stuff gotten through social media. You are to look for credible sources through academic journals online.


This is where you are expected to finish up with a powerful summary of the position you took in the body of your essay. There should be a direct connection with how you began with your thesis up to what you had in the body of your essay.

Do not make unnecessary repetitions here. What you are expected to do is to convince in a brief summary while the exercise will serve a useful purpose to the readers. You are expected to highlight the usefulness of your research works to the needs of the public.

Final thoughts 

The above template represents what you need to make a success out of your expository essay. However, hiring an English essay helper will make the writing process easier and more pleasant for you.

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